The Tapuika Iwi Authority (TIA) was established at a Special Hui a Iwi held on 14 December 1994 at Tia Marae, Te Paamu. Those present at the Hui unanimously resolved to establish a tribal authority to be known as the Tapuika Iwi Authority. The Tapuika Iwi Authority was registered in 1995 as an Incorporated Society in accordance with the Incorporated Societies Act, 1908. A Special General Hui of Tapuika duly notified on the 10th December 2006, ratified the establishment of the Tapuika Iwi Authority as a Common Law Trust and resolved to adopt the new Trust Deed. The Tapuika Iwi Authority is the mandate body to enter in direct negotiations with the Crown for the comprehensive settlement of Tapuika’s historic grievance against the Crown.

TIA Staff


Roles and Responsibilities

  • To ensure compliance with the statutory duties and obligations as set out in the Trustees Act 1956
  • Receive settlement assets on behalf of the claimant group
  • Prudent governance of the Authority on behalf of the members of the tribe and in accordance with the Trust Deed
  • To ensure the benefits of any assets or settlement grows for the future generations of Tapuika
  • Overall governance of the Group
  • Appointment and removal of Directors and Trustees onto the Governanceof the subsidiary entities
  • Ownership and sole shareholder of the subsidiaries on behalf of its constituent iwi members as listed on the Iwi Register
  • Appoints and removes the trustees of the charitable trust.

Legal Status

In December 2012 the Tapuika Iwi Authority as mandated body for Tapuika Iwi signed the Tapuika Deed of Settlement.  This affirmed the Tapuika Iwi Authority as the Tapuika Post Settlement Governance Entity.  Check out the PSGE Deed of Trust 

2015 Board of Trustees


Election of Trustees

The Trustees are elected in accordance with the rules and procedures set out in the Second Schedule of the Tapuika Iwi Authority Deed of Trust.

Eligibility for Appointment as Trustee

To be elected as a Trustee a person must, at the closing date for nominations, be recorded on the Tapuika Register as a Tapuika descendant aged 18 years and over as at their last birthday. In addition the nominee must not be an undischarged bankrupt or have had a criminal conviction carrying a term of imprisonment for three months or more.

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