What is it and what will it do?

The Tapuika Environmental Management Plan is a strategic planning document that enables Tapuika to voice – in relation to the natural environment:

  • What we value
  • What concerns us
  • What outcomes we would like to see

It will:

  • guide Tapuika-led environmental projects
  • ensure that we are proactive, instead of reactive
  • clarify our expectations with regards to consultation
  • ensure that we work together to achieve positive outcomes

Click here for an Overview of the Tapuika Environmental Management Plan 

Priority Issues / Opportunities

The Tapuika Environmental Management Plan focuses on priority issues and actions for the next ten years. This way, effort and resources can be focused to ensure that the Plan makes a difference.

The Ten Priority Issues are:


Get the Tapuika Environmental Management Plan

The Tapuika Environmental Management Plan comes in two parts:

Part 1 - Management Plan: Download the whole Tapuika Environmental Management Plan (20.5 MB, PDF) or by section:

Part 2 - Map Book: Download the Tapuika EMP Map Book by section: