The Tapuika Iwi Authority Development Trust (TIADT) was established in 2006 as a Trust Entity of the Tapuika Iwi Authority (TIA). The purpose for which the Trust is established is to receive, hold, manage and administer the Trust fund for every charitable purpose benefitting Tapuika Iwi whether it relates to the relief of poverty, the advancement of education or religion or any other matters beneficial to the community of Tapuika and all the registered members of Tapuika irrespective of where those members reside.


Mo ngā uri o Tapuika hei puawai – "That the descendants of Tapuika shall flourish and prosper”.

Strategic Goals

Healthy, vibrant Tapuika individuals, whanau and Marae that;

  • • have a strong sense of Tapuika identity and connectedness
  • • are proud of and enriched by their culture and spirituality
  • • are living in healthy and safe environments
  • • are equipped to lead prosperous and productive lives
  • • are in control of their lives


  • • Tapuika Rangatahi development
  • • Tapuika cultural activities and wānanga
  • • Koeke support
  • • Protection of the natural environment within Te Takapu o Tapuika
  • • Preservation of historic sites
  • • Tapuika Marae grants


Governance of the Trust is through the Trustees who are appointed by the Board of the Tapuika Iwi Authority for a term of 3 years. The current Trustees are:
Dean Flavell (Chair), Raiha Biel (Deputy Chair), Dr Hinematau McNeill, Ruth Maxwell-Swinton, Te Hira Roberts, Jon Pini (Alternate)


The Trustees have entered into an agreement with the Tapuika Iwi Authority for the provision of shared management services to the Trust. The General Manager Tapuika Iwi Authority is responsible for management of the day to day operations of the Trust including staff.