Nga uri o Tapuika flourished in the new land, increasing in number and spreading across their lands, establishing and maintaining mana whenua and expanding to create a number of hapu linked by a common whakapapa. It was the hapu of Tapuika that held mana whenua over their portion of the tribal estate. Each hapu zealously defended its mana and its resources, but joined with the other hapu of Tapuika in times of conflict against common enemies. It was the hapu, under the leadership of their rangatira, who made decisions relating to the use of lands and resources.

The following are the hapu of Tapuika from ancient times; Ngati Te Kanawaihi, Ngati Hineumu, Ngati Tauana, Ngati Marukukere, Ngati Kuri, Ngati Hinerangi, Ngati Moko, Ngati Ruangutu, Ngati Ngakohua, Ngati Totokau, Ngati Tukohuru, Ngati More, Ngati Marupuriri, Ngati Te Uarangi, Ngati Kiri, Ngati Ngarangipahi, Ngati Tauraherehere, Ngati Tukaheke, Ngai Tahere, Ngati Ngaroto, Ngati Tuheke, Ngati Ohokino, Ngati Taraokino, Ngati Taru, Ngati Wahapua, Ngati Hapotiki, Ngati Hautapu, Ngati Hawera, Ngati Huaki, Ngati Kahu, Ngati Pahiko, Ngati Te Pare, and Ngati Tu